Five Tips For Providing Effective Video Production Feedback

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the video production feedback stage.

Together we’ve made it through principle photography and we’re now well and truly into the realms of post-production. Most of our clients find this to be an extremely exciting time because this is when your video(s) start to take shape.

We decided to create this document because whilst all feedback is welcome, certain feedback is more actionable than others and we wanted to provide you with the resources to get the most out of this part of the process.

The following 5 points are designed to help you provide actionable feedback. The sooner we receive your input, the quicker it can be implemented into your films.

1. Start Generally

Before delving into the details, we strongly recommended that you keep your initial feedback quite general. Whilst it is important to know what you make of specific moments, often the solution to any issues doesn’t lie in a prescriptive instruction.

2. Know Your Audience

It is vital that you look at your films from the perspective of your audience. If you yourself aren’t the target for your video(s), try to get it in front of someone who is and check how this feedback aligns with yours.

3. Be Specific

Attempt to refrain from broad, ambiguous or sensational language. Terms like ‘make it sizzle’ will mean different things to different people. Instead try to be as specific as possible for example, ‘The first scene needs to be faster’, ‘can we stay on x shot longer?’ or ‘I think we need to try a different font’. This type of feedback cannot be misconstrued.

4. Use Time Codes

During the post-production process, we typically provide two revisions per project. We label these ‘WIPs’ for short but it’s just an acronym for Work In Progress. We work with a tool called which forms a direct line between yourself and the post-production team. We love ‘Frame’ because it allows you to provide frame accurate points of feedback. Simply start typing at a moment where you want to leave feedback and it will pause the player and leave your comment at that exact moment. 

The great thing here is, once you have left your feedback, those moments can be directly imported into the editing software.



5. Nominate A Spokesperson

This should have been relayed during the pre-production phase but please can we kindly ask you to have one designated person who is responsible for managing the feedback at your end. If there are a number of people involved in the project on your side, we would still kindly ask that there is one person providing feedback. This is to avoid confusion and to minimise and misinterpretation that can lead to delays.

Thank you very much for reading this blog. Is there anything we missed? We hope you enjoy the post-production process with Element 26 and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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