5 Tips For Writing an Effective Video Description

Video descriptions are one of the most powerful ways to make sure your videos get discovered on YouTube, so why do so many video creators treat them like an afterthought? 

So, you have finally finished producing your latest film and now it’s time to publish it. Your video has an awareness goal so it makes a lot of sense to publish the film on YouTube. Going by Alexa, Amazon’s web ranking service, YouTube is still the second most visited site on the internet and is a great place for building visibility around your offering.


Most businesses would prefer to have traffic head directly to their website rather than to their YouTube channel, which is why we feel it’s really important to have a blended strategy in place which uses social video channels such as YouTube or Vimeo to drive traffic to your website. You can read more about creating a blended video strategy on our other blog, ‘Why Your Business Needs A Blended Video Strategy’.

To increase the amount of views your videos receive, it usually helps to write an effective video description. Whilst the main aim of the video description is to give your audience some context of what the video is about, the biggest opportunity around the video description, is the potential to drive traffic back to your own website where the user will be close to your calls to action. Here are our five tips for producing an effective video description for your YouTube videos:

Be Succinct

YouTube lets you input up to 5,000 characters into the description field however you don’t necessarily need to enter that much. Our research has shown that people don’t like to read too much off of screens which is why it can often be better to keep the body text succinct.


To get as many views as possible, your video should be indexable. To increase your chances of being found, try identifying what the keywords are relative your video and get them into your body copy. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find keywords relevant to your business.


As mentioned above, the video description is perfect for inserting links back to your site. Try and get visitors back to pages relevant to the video they have just watched and ideally, as close as possible to one of your sites goals, this might be a form for example. If your video is part of a series it might also be worth linking to the next one.

Time stamps

If your video is lengthy or you would like to draw the user to a specific section of you video then timestamps can be a really handy mechanism to make engaging your content easier.

It is not uncommon for us to hear from businesses who complain that they’re not getting enough views from their videos on YouTube. The main question re receive is ‘how can we improve how are videos are discovered?’ In essence this is a question around their video seo.

Citations and @ mentions

Who doesn’t like receiving a shout-out online?! More often than not, users share content when they are mentioned. Where possible, why not mention those who contributed to the production of your film to increase the reach of your content. This plays into the very concept of what a social player is supposed to do.

If you’re interested in using YouTube as a means of increasing awareness of your brand then we can help. We have a number of guides on using video for business on our blog.

Alternatively, if you would rather someone took care of it for you why not ping us a message on the form on this page HERE.


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