What are TVR Numbers in Broadcast Advertising?

So you want to get your brand on TV. You’re trying to evaluate how much you need to spend when someone asks you for the TVR score of your ad.

TVR stands for television rating and is one of three metrics used by media planners to calculate the percentage of a target audience.

Equally, performers use the TVR number to gauge how visible they are and subsequently what their performance fee ought to be.

how are tvrs calculated?

For example if you’re seeking to have your television commercial placed alongside James Martin on a Saturday morning and you want to reach 30% of that audience, your TVR score would be 30.

We do risk oversimplifying a complex mathematical formula here though; nothing is quite that simple.

A proven media buyer would will plot a path across various channels to allow the brand to maximise their exposure.

For example a TVR of 30 in London has a different value to a TVR in a more sparsely populated area or even against a national picture.

This is where the spread becomes important because a TVR of 30 in Manchester or London is quite a different picture set against 30% of the whole country.

You mentioned tvrs effect performance fees?

Indeed they do. Acting talent will use the Television Usage Calculator on to determine what the correct fee ought to be for the contribution to your ad.

This fee is applicable to all performers including actors and voice over talent.

**Are TVRs the only number I need to know?**

Yes, to a point. Your media planning agency uses other metrics to plan your media buy including reach and average opportunity to see.

Remember, the TVR score is only applicable to broadcast spots, so maximising your budget might also mean shooting content for social at the same time as the shoot for your broadcast spot.

If your interested in getting your brand on TV, get in contact with us here. Alternatively if you’re looking to find out more about media buying, get in touch with our partners at Guerillascope.

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