5 Things To Send Your Video Production Company

Ever wondered what to send your video production company?

Now you’ve chosen your production company, there are a few things you can send your video team right now to get the process moving forward and to ensure the best results possible. At Element 26 we typically ask for the following 5 things when embarking on a video project. 

Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines are important for making sure your branding is consistently represented throughout your video work. Contained in your brand guidelines should be things like, logos, fonts, colours and layouts etc. This is a tremendous time-saving tool.


This can be the logos of your company, your products, any sponsors etc. Basically any logos that would be required to complete your films. It is important that these logos are supplied in the highest resolution possible to ensure they look as good as possible when inserted in your film.


Any fonts that are required to realise your films. If you don’t have the fonts themselves, just send us the names and we will endeavour to source them for you.


If we’re not sourcing your music, we will need these files too. Where possible, please send us a high quality AIFF or a WAV. We define high quality as anything over 48Khz. If you can’t supply anything over 48 Khz, please send over what you have and we will try to make it work.


Okay, so this isn’t strictly something to send your production company but its an important point nonetheless. Ensuring we all observe the correct channels of communication is critical for keeping everyone in the loop and for making sure nothing gets missed.

We only have one email addresses for you to remember – production “at” Use this email address to reach your Account Manager/Producer. Throughout the lifecycle of your production, you might also receive correspondence from the post-production team. If they do get in touch, they will write to you from post “at” 

Thanks for reading over this document. We look forward to receiving your Brand Guidelines, Logos, Fonts and your Music.

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