Production Stories: Barkhill Dental Clinic

The team form Barkhill Dental Practice in Bradford, Leeds, got in touch during a transformative time in the life cycle of the business. Keen to spruce up their image, we were tasked to come up with a video strategy which would reach the practice’s target audience and make the most of the clinic’s incredible team and location. The project itself was pretty involved; their website had begun to show its age so we knew that for any of the videos to be effective, we would have to revisit the website too – thankfully the team agreed and were on board with this. Working with the Slate we gave the clinic a fresh new look befitting of its natural beauty and discreet surroundings.


Working collaboratively with Ian and Viktoria, we decided that the clinic needed a variety of films ranging from a slick online advert, to films which are more functional in nature. Each video served its own purpose within the customer decision journey and were carefully chosen from our Video Essentials bundle based on the frequent requests of their patients.


I truly believe Barkhill Dental Clinic a special place. Where some dental practices might have a cold, clinical feel, Barkhill has made the most of its surroundings. Originally a family home, this stunning building dates back to x but inside it possesses a warm friendly and contemporary feel. The waiting rooms are colourful and the surgeries boast exposed brick walls which traditionally are more Brooklyn than Bradford. We made sure to capitalise on the clinic’s unique aesthetics with clever lighting and framing to capture the real essence of Barkhill.

We set our base camp up in the height of luxury, the nearby Ibis hotel in Shipley was only a short taxi ride from the clinic and became our home for the duration of the shoot. One of the challenges of the project was to minimise disruption to the practice, everyone agreed that the clinic shouldn’t have to cease activities whilst we produced the marketing films. Working around the availability of both clinicians and also patients, the production was extremely ‘hands on’. Thanks to our top class crew and the delightful staff at Barkhill, we wound up with an extremely fun and rewarding shoot.

Your crew can either make or break a production. In the case of Barkhill Dental I needed to find creatives that could grasp the client’s brand, and values and then bring it to life. Luckily, I already knew my Director of Photography, Daniel Alexander from previous work, so had the utmost confidence in his ability to match his creativity with the client’s demands. As a result of this connection we were put in touch with the Director, Finn McCleave. Finn not only has an incredible capacity for making even the most anxious person feel at ease on camera, he also knows how to bring a narrative together. Collectively Finn and Dan work incredibly well and really motivate their crew, making my job that little bit bit easier. We also had an excellent sound guy, Rob Wingfield who kept his ears open to ensure each of our productions had nothing but impeccable sound. Also our two camera trainees, Jess and Sam whose positive ‘can do’ attitude never wavered even on the longest of days.


When it came to equipment, the team at Shift 4 kitted us out with everything we could possibly need. We used our own Black Magic Cinema Camera as A camera, an A7S as B camera and a 5D Mark iii to capture the timelapses of the dentists working with their patients in the surgeries.

An Elevator 1 is a pitch video that sits on the homepage of their website. This is meant to be a short emotive video designed to catch the eye of potential patients. A Culture 360 is a video about the team and the core values of the company, a Service 100 depicts the typical customer journey and 60/40 is essentially a customer testimonial. It’s called a 60/40 because 60% of the production is geared towards their customers problems and 40% on how the company needing the video helped them.

For Barkhill we made sure the Elevator 1 contained beautiful shots of the surgery and it’s surroundings to display its unique beauty. In the Culture 360 we shot interviews with the Barkhill staff whose warmth and expertise resonated through the playback. We shot three 60/40’s each focussing on a different condition or treatment.

Overall, the Barkhill Dental Clinic videos were pretty exciting to be involved with and can be viewed HERE on Barkhill’s website.

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