How To Make The Most of YouTube With YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards are a topic video publishers ask us about a lot. For a long time, many of YouTube’s most powerful features were confined to the desktop. If you wanted to annotate any of your videos, you were stuck, all you could do is wait patiently whilst Google developed something comparable for mobile users. In the spring of 2015, with the trend of internet browsing hurtling undeniably towards Mobile, YouTube announced ‘Cards’. YouTube cards are an interactive layer placed over your videos which provide timely information around your video content.
(YouTube Card on the right)

The Five Types of YouTube Cards

YouTube offers five standard cards and they are for Promoting a 1) Video or 2) a Playlist, 3) Promoting Another Channel (you can’t promote your own channel), 4) Taking a Poll or 5) Linking to an Approved Website. In our experience, whilst you can use up to four cards within one video, we don’t necessarily recommend that you do this. We found four cards on screen at any one time to be a little overwhelming and likely to defeat the object of using Cards in the first place because the user journey starts to become convoluted..


The Limitations of YouTube Cards

There are some limitations to the functionality of YouTube Cards. For example, cards are placed by default on the right hand side of the video without any flexibility to position them elsewhere, nor does the channel owner have any say in the size or colour of the card. You can add your logo though.

Implementing YouTube Cards

Getting set up with YouTube cards is extremely straight forward. Simply navigate to the Video Manager, click Edit and locate the tab where it says Cards.
Locate and click the blue ‘Add Card’ button to choose the Card type you want to add. Unless you choose to add a poll to your video you will need to add a valid URL. Once you click ‘Create Card’ you can then adjust the start position of your card for the teaser if required
If you need any help implementing cards into your YouTube videos then YouTube have published a tremendously helpful how-to on their blog. Failing that we have worked with countless businesses to successfully optimise their YouTube channel including the implementation of YouTube Cards and End Screen CTAs. If you need any assistance with your YouTube Channel get in touch for a helping hand.

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